Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp 2022: Zero to Mastery

Learn Ethical Hacking + Penetration Testing from scratch and master the most modern ethical hacking tools and best practices for 2022! You will practice real techniques used by black hat hackers, then learn to defend against them.

Taught by Andrei Neagoie & Aleksa Tamburkovski

This course includes:

  • 27.5+ hours on-demand, downloadable HD videos
  • 30+ bonus articles and resources
  • Access to live, exclusive ZTM community
  • Steps to go from absolute beginner to a security expert
  • Certificate of Completion
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What you'll learn

  • Learn Ethical Hacking from scratch & all 5 phases of Penetration Testing
  • Learn Python from scratch so you are able to write your own tools for Ethical Hacking
  • Setting up your Hacking Lab: Kali Linux and Virtual Machines (Works with Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • Create additional virtual vulnerable machines that we can practice our attacks on
  • Create trojans, viruses, keyloggers for Ethical Hacking
  • Learn how to bypass Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Systems with Advanced Scanning
  • Learn how to crack Wireless Access Point passwords
  • Bug Bounty: Discover all types of Web Application Bugs that could cause a threat
  • Learn how to gain access to any type of machine: Windows/Linux/MacOS
  • Sniff passwords over the local area network with Man In The Middle Attacks
  • SQL Injection, XSS, Command Injection and other techniques
  • Learn how to trick people into opening your program (i.e Social Engineering)
  • Learn Advanced Metasploit Framework usage
  • Learn the Basics of Linux and Linux Terminal
  • Master Information Gathering and Footprinting
  • Learn how to perform Vulnerability Analysis
  • Perform advanced scanning of an entire network
  • Perform Deauthentication Attack to disconnect everyone from the Wireless Access Point
  • Learn Website Application Penetration Testing from scratch
  • Learn Advance Nmap Usage
  • Code your own Advanced Backdoor that you can use in your Penetration Tests
  • Create Persistence on target machines
  • Perform newest Windows 7 + 10 exploits & attacks
  • Learn how to gain access to a router in various ways
  • Learn Networking & different Networking Protocols
  • Combine programming knowledge and Ethical Hacking knowledge so you can mix techniques and adapt them to different situations

Meet your instructors

Hi! I'm Andrei.

Senior Software Developer turned Instructor, Founder of ZTM

Andrei is the instructor of some of the highest rated programming courses on the web. Some of his students (500,000+ in the past few years) now work for some of the biggest tech companies around the world like Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, IBM, Shopify and many more.

He has worked as a Senior Software Developer in Silicon Valley and Toronto for many years and is now taking all that he has learned to teach programming skills and to help you discover the amazing career opportunities that being a developer allows in life.

Hi! I'm Aleksa.

Ethical Hacker and Instructor

Aleksa is a Penetration Tester with over 5 years of experience in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. As a self made hacker that started from a young age he has learned it all from Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security to Online Privacy and How To Become Anonymous Online.

He has worked and discovered vulnerabilities for multiple companies and governments. He also worked as a freelancer testing private web applications. He believes that Online Security and Privacy is something valuable but that also doesn't get enough attention as many cyber attacks are being executed every single day!

No System is Safe and that is why we are here to help you learn how to discover vulnerabilities and secure them before the bad guys attempt anything malicious.

Don't take our word for it

Chakradhar Reddy

Best course if you have no prior experience in hacking. It covers a lot of topics and the instructor explains the concepts very clearly. The doubts are answered within a few hours and the discord community is very active.

Justin Sullivan

This course is very thorough and easy to follow. I enjoy working along with the instructor on these lessons and spend hours doing it on my own. It's a really great course. I have done other courses and they were a little less descriptive, and I had to google to find the answers. However, this course I get full understanding of the "What" and "Why" as well as the do's and donts!

Kuek Dekuek

This course has been an eye opener for me. My background and knowledge in IT was minimal, however, after the completion of this course, my dream of becoming a penetration tester is edging closer. I have used the skills and techniques on my actual devices at home and I am confident to call myself an intermediate penetration tester/ethical hacker. I had doubts starting this course due to lack of confidence on the subject, but this 'doubt' is now replaced by a sense of endless possibilities ahead. Bravo!

Aaron Lopez

This is the course you're looking for if you want to get into Ethical Hacking. They cover the foundations of everything before diving into the technical aspects and that goes a long way into your understanding of how everything works. They are constantly adding new videos and updates. You can't beat this level of quality and instruction. No other course will give you a better fundamental level so that you can continue to teach yourself after going through the basics. Highly recommend!

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Course Curriculum

We want you to make sure this course is a good fit for you. So start learning for free right now by clicking the PREVIEW links below.

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Setting Up Our Hacking Lab
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Linux Operating System
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Reconnaissance & Information Gathering
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Python Coding Project #1 - Portscanner
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Vulnerability Analysis
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Exploitation & Gaining Access
Available in days
days after you enroll
  SMBGhost CVE 2020-0796 - Windows 10 Manual Exploitation
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Gaining Access (Viruses, Trojans, Payloads ...)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Post Exploitation - Elevating Privileges, Extracting Data, Running Keyloggers
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Python Coding Project #2 - Backdoor
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Website Application Penetration Testing
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Python Coding Project #3 - Login Bruteforce, Directory Discovery
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Man In The Middle - MITM
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus - Wireless Access Point Cracking
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus: Gaining Access To An Android Device
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Extra: Introduction To Anonymity
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Where To Go From Here?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Learn Python Basics
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Learn Python Intermediate
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Learn Python 3: Error Handling
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Learn Python 4: File I/O
Available in days
days after you enroll

Course Details

We guarantee you that this is the most comprehensive and up to date Ethical Hacking course that you can find. You will learn and master the most modern ethical hacking tools and best practices for 2022!

You will go from an absolute beginner of setting up your own hacking lab (like Kali Linux) on your machine, all the way to becoming a security expert that is able to use all the hacking techniques used by hackers and defend against them!

Graduates of Zero To Mastery courses are now working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook + other top tech companies. This could be you.

By enrolling today, you’ll also get to join our exclusive live online community classroom to learn alongside thousands of students, alumni, mentors, TAs and Instructors. Most importantly, you will be learning from industry experts that have actual real-world experience working on security for large companies and websites/apps with millions of visitors.

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to become an ethical hacker, or you’re a student looking to learn about securing computer systems, or you are a programmer who is looking to improve their security online and prevent attacks from hackers on your website, this Ethical Hacking course will take you deep into the world of hacking and penetration testing.

BONUS: We even teach you Python programming from scratch for those that want to learn to program their own tools for hacking and penetration testing.

This course is focused on learning by doing. You are going to learn how hacking works by actually using and practicing the techniques and methods used by hackers today. You will start off by creating your own hacking lab to make sure we keep your computers safe throughout the course, as well as doing things legally.

Once we have our computers set up for ethical hacking, we will then dive deep from beginner to advanced topics like:

  • You will build your own hacking lab where we can perform our attacks (You will be able to use your Mac, Windows, Linux operating systems don't worry!). What this lab essentially is, is a virtual machine that we will use for hacking (Kali Linux) and throughout the course, we also create additional virtual vulnerable machines that we can practice our attacks on. The reason we use virtual machines is because we are not allowed to test our attacks on real-world websites and networks so we create our own environment to do that.

    • Downloading Virtual Box & Kali Linux
    • Creating Our First Virtual Machine
    • Installing Kali Linux Operating System
    • 5 Stages Of A Penetration Test
    • Navigating Through Kali Linux System
    • Creating Files & Managing Directories
    • Network Commands & Sudo Privileges In Kali

  • 1️⃣ OPTIONAL: PYTHON 101
  • Learn Python 3 programming from scratch. This section is not mandatory and is optional for those that want to learn to programming so you are able to build your own ethical hacking tools!

    • Learn Python Basics
    • Learn Python Intermediate
    • Learn Python: Error Handling
    • Learn Python: File I/O

  • You will learn what we call Footprinting (aka Information Gathering). Once we choose our target, our first task is to gain as much information about the target as possible.

    • What is Information Gathering?
    • Physical Address Using Whois Tool
    • What web Stealthy Scan
    • Aggressive Website Technology Discovering on IP Range
    • Gathering Emails Using theHarvester & Hunterio
    • How To Download Tools Online
    • Finding Usernames With Sherlock
    • Bonus - Email Scraper Tool In Python 3

  • 3️⃣ SCANNING
  • This is where things get real. In this section, we also gather information but we try to gather only technical information (i.e. if they have open ports, if they have a firewall, what software they are running on those open ports, what operating system they have, is it an outdated operating system, etc.).

    • Theory Behind Scanning
    • TCP & UDP
    • Installing Vulnerable Virtual Machine
    • Netdiscover
    • Performing First Nmap Scan
    • Different Nmap Scan Types
    • Discovering Target Operating System
    • Detecting Version Of Service Running On An Open Port
    • Filtering Port Range & Output Of Scan Results
    • What is a Firewall/IDS?
    • Using Decoys and Packet Fragmentation
    • Security Evasion Nmap Options
    • Python Coding Project - Port Scanner

  • Use the information that you gathered from scanning (such as software that the target has running on open ports) and with this information, we try to determine whether there are any known vulnerabilities.

    • Finding First Vulnerability With Nmap Scripts
    • Manual Vulnerability Analysis & Searchsploit
    • Nessus Installation
    • Discovering Vulnerabilities With Nessus
    • Scanning Windows 7 Machine With Nessus

  • This is the exciting part of the course. This is where we attack and gain access to the target machines. Throughout this section, we will be covering many different vulnerabilities and different targets. We perform these attacks on our virtual machines and cover another really important tool for an ethical hacker: Metasploit Framework. The goal of exploitation is to get on that target machine. This means we must drop a payload on that target machine so we can use it to navigate through their systems, look through their files, execute anything we want, and delete anything we want without the target knowing anything about it. We will also learn to create our own Viruses and Trojans that we can deliver to the target whether through an email or through a USB.

    • What is Exploitation?
    • What is a Vulnerability?
    • Reverse Shells, Bind Shells
    • Metasploit Framework Structure
    • Msfconsole Basic Commands
    • Our First Exploit - vsftp 2.3.4 Exploitation
    • Misconfigurations Happen - Bindshell Exploitation
    • Information Disclosure - Telnet Exploit
    • Software Vulnerability - Samba Exploitation
    • Attacking SSH - Bruteforce Attack
    • Exploitation Challenge - 5 Different Exploits
    • Explaining Windows 7 Setup
    • Eternal Blue Attack - Windows 7 Exploitation
    • DoublePulsar Attack - Windows Exploit
    • BlueKeep Vulnerability - Windows Exploit
    • Routersploit
    • Router Default Credentials
    • Setting Up Vulnerable Windows 10
    • Crashing Windows 10 Machine Remotely
    • Exploiting Windows 10 Machine Remotely
    • Generating Basic Payload With Msfvenom
    • Advance Msfvenom Usage
    • Generating Powershell Payload Using Veil
    • TheFatRat Payload Creation
    • Hexeditor & Antiviruses
    • Making Our Payload Open An Image

  • Post exploitation is what we do on the target machine after we have exploited it. Once we are on that machine, we can do many things depending on what we want to get out from it. After we do all of the things we wanted, we want to make sure we cover our tracks by deleting any event logs or deleting any evidence that we were ever on that machine.

    • Post Exploitation Theory
    • Meterpreter Basic Commands
    • Elevating Privileges With Different Modules
    • Creating Persistence On The Target System
    • Post Exploitation Modules
    • Python Coding Project - Backdoor

  • Another important topic for an ethical hacker. In this section, we are mainly targeting websites and their bugs/vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities can be anything from misconfigurations, SQL Injections (us interacting with the database), Information Disclosures (having access to some information by mistake which shouldn't be out there), Command Injection (directly interacting with the system through the webpage), XSS (Cross Site Scripting Attack and Injecting Javascript code on the page).

    • Website Penetration Testing Theory
    • HTTP Request & Response
    • Information Gathering & Dirb Tool
    • Burpsuite Configuration
    • ShellShock Exploitation
    • Command Injection Exploitation
    • Getting Meterpreter Shell With Command Execution
    • Reflected XSS & Cookie Stealing
    • Stored XSS
    • HTML Injection
    • SQL Injection
    • CSRF Vulnerability
    • Hydra Bruteforce Attack
    • Burpsuite Intruder
    • Python Coding Project - Login Brute-force + Directory Discovery

  • This is an attack that is used inside a network. This allows us to sniff any unencrypted data and see it in plain text. This could also include seeing passwords in plain text for some websites. There are many tools out there that can perform this attack for us and we cover some of the main ones in the section.

    • Theory - Man In The Middle Attack
    • Bettercap ARP Spoofing
    • Ettercap Password Sniffing
    • Manually Poisoning Targets ARP ache With Scapy

  • Learn how to gain access to a network by cracking its wireless password.

    • Wireless Cracking Theory
    • Putting Wireless Card In Monitor Mode
    • Deauthenticating Devices & Grabbing Password
    • Aircrack Password Cracking
    • Hashcat Password Cracking

  • This is something we cover in almost every section. Social Engineering is an attack on humans since people are always the weakest link of security!

  • ➕ Bonus resources, cheatsheets & much more!

  • Is it really worth it to learn these skills? If these stats don't convince you, we don't know what will:

    • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds
    • 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks
    • Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes
    • ~$10.5 trillion is expected to be spent globally on cybersecurity by 2025
    • Unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide grew 350% to ~3.5 million from 2013 to 2021. Way more jobs are becoming available than there are people with the skills to fill them

    Ginni Rometty, IBM’s chairman, president and CEO, said: “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

    And she might be right. With evolving technology comes evolving hackers. In the coming years, cybercrime might become the greatest threat to every person, place and thing in the world.

    Learning the skills of an ethical hacker will help you level-up your skillset to help you earn a higher salary and even get you hired.

    Click Start Learning Now and we'll see you inside the course!

Answers to (at least some of) your questions

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

  • No programming or hacking knowledge required. We teach you from scratch!
  • Mac / Windows / Linux - all operating systems work with this course!

Who is this course for?

  • Anybody interested in learning Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing from scratch
  • Anybody interested in learning python and Ethical Hacking
  • Anybody that wants to get hired as an Ethical Hacker or Penetration Tester
  • Anybody looking to go beyond a typical "beginner" tutorial that doesn't give you a chance to practice
  • Anybody looking to learn how hackers hack computer systems
  • Any developer looking to secure their computer systems from hackers

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

We definitely do and they are quite nice. You will also be able to add Zero To Mastery Academy to the education section of your LinkedIn profile as well.

Can I download the videos?

Definitely. You can download any and all lessons for personal use. We do everything we can to make learning easy, fun, and accessible whether that’s on your commute, on a flight, or you just have limited access to good wifi.

Still have more questions specific to the Academy membership? No problem, head to the bottom of this page.

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