ZTM Nmap Cheatsheet

In order to help test your knowledge, but to also help you learn and remember common Nmap syntax and to use as a handy reference for what you've just learned, one of our ZTM Community Star Mentors has created a ZTM Nmap Cheat Sheet for you!

In this Nmap cheat sheet, you will find both Nmap command examples as well as explanations of when and why you would use certain options and arguments.

It also provides you with an overview of which commands require root/sudo privileges and compare the noise levels (measures the likelihood of alarming the target that you are scanning) of various commands.

There are a lot of Nmap commands that you can use that are very detailed and advanced. But the chances of ever needing to use them for the majority of users/students is quite low so we've kept this Nmap Cheat Sheet focused on the most important commands that you need to know and will use most often.