How To Take This Course (MUST READ)

This is a special ZTM course. Why? Because there are 12 videos, one for each month, and you can only watch 1 video per month.

Each video is only available for a specific month! For example:

Video #5 will be available on the 5th month (May) of each year. (Available May 1st~May 31st)

Video #6 will be available on the 6th month (June) of each year. (Available June 1st~June 30th)

...and so on

Therefore, you can start the course ANY TIME and starting with WHATEVER video is available for that month. This course is unique in that there is no real starting point or 1st video. As long as you start with the video available in the month you are watching, that is all you need. You then have to make sure you watch all the 12 videos to complete the course. If you start watching the course in May 2022, you will be able to finish watching all of the videos come April 2023 (your 12th video and 1 year celebration).

Makes sense? The reason the course is structured this way, is to allow you to exercise and practice the lesson and action item for that month and to truly make it part of your life.

Each video comes with a LESSON and an ACTION ITEM for that month!

By the end of the year, by the end of watching the 12th video in this series, you will change your life. You will internalize the 12 systems in each of the videos, and you will come out the other end mentally strong, emotionally more intelligent, and happier.

Let's get started :)