TensorFlow Fundamentals challenge, exercises & extra-curriculum

Massive effort on making it through the first section!

By now you should have a high-level overview of what deep learning and neural networks are and what kind of problems they can be used for.

And you should also be familiar with creating and manipulating tensors in TensorFlow. Because as you'll see later on, tensors are a fundamental component of representing and finding patterns in data.

Before moving onto the next section, it's time to practice your skills!

In the course GitHub repo under “course materials”, you'll find a series of exercises and extra-curriculum suggestions.

By going through these, you'll cement your foundational knowledge of deep learning and TensorFlow and be ready to start building neural networks of your own.

See the link below for more.

And remember, if you have any questions, be sure to add them to the discussions page.

Challenge: What are 3 of your favourite use cases for deep learning (you can use examples from the videos or feel free to look some up)?

Send a message with your answer(s) to the #machinelearning-datascience channel on Discord and mention my name (@mrdbourke), I’d love to hear them!

See you in the next module!

- Daniel

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