Exercise: Choose your Dream Company

We're going to have some fun in this course. Having fun + practical advice + exercises is the formula for success if you ask me.

To start, I want you to choose a company. Any company, but this is going to be more useful (and fun) if you choose your Dream Company, the one that you'd most love to consult for one day.

If you love video games then maybe you could choose Nintendo. If you love ice cream then maybe you could choose Ben & Jerry's. Whatever company you choose, this company is going to consult for and work with during this course. So choose carefully!

You never know, one day you may actually have an opportunity to make a consulting proposal to the company you choose, and the consulting materials that you create for them during this course would surely come in handy for that proposal! Or even better, you can send a cold email to someone at your Dream Company with the materials you prepared to get your foot in the door!

(P.S. Below you will find a Consulting Work Sheet. Take a look and download a copy of it. This is your work sheet or checklist that you'll want to fill in as you progress through the course. By the end you'll have all the key information you need to go out into the world of freelance consulting in this one sheet!

Freelance Consulting Work Sheet.pdf