Course Roadmap + Worksheets

Moving forward, we will be taking notes by using a worksheet. This is not mandatory, but as you will discover, if you really want to get the most out of this course, and you want the topics to stick so you can use them throughout your life, you should be taking notes to retain the information and to also form your own framework.

In order to accomplish this, here is what you will need to do:

1. Keep the course roadmap open. Click here to get access to it

2. Download the attached worksheets. You can either print these, or type them on your computer (handwriting is better for learning as you will find out soon).

3. Optional: If you want to use your own methods for note taking and you would rather not use the worksheets, you can do so, but try to have similar structure as the worksheets in point 2. (Evernote is a great choice)

4. See the example filled in worksheet to see how you should use it.

Now we are ready. Let's get started!

Ps at the end you will have the option to share these notes with your fellow classmates if you would like. Here is one that a recent graduate of this course created as a blog post.

Example_How to use the Worksheet.pdf