Byte FAQ


In this byte-sized course you'll learn how to supercharge your coding experience in VSCode (or any other mainstream IDE) by using Vim and Neovim to code with blazing speed - allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively. By the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • Increase your code editing and navigation speed using Vim shortcuts in VSCode or your preferred IDE
  • Learn how to use Neovim in the terminal
  • Supercharge your coding sessions by learning to be more focused on your code and less distracted
  • Navigate and edit code as fast as you can type (faster typing = faster editing & navigation)
  • Bulk edit your code using macros


This Byte will take about 3 hours to complete.

All code editors have a small selection of keyboard shortcuts to perform common tasks like saving files, copying and pasting text, and sometimes using multiple cursors. However, the bulk of code editing and navigation still requires you to use the mouse, even though writing code is done using the keyboard. Annoying, right!?

Now imagine a coding experience where every action, from navigating through lines to making intricate edits, happens completely using the keyboard, without the need for a mouse. That's what you'll learn to do using Vim and Neovim. There will no longer be a need to stop coding, grab the mouse, and then get back to coding. With Vim shortcuts you can edit and navigate uninterrupted and as fast as you can type.


We recommend that you have average or better typing speed to take this course.

We'll use VSCode in this course, but you can use any other mainstream IDE (so long as it has the Vim plug-in)