Complete Course Resources + Code

To make things easy for you throughout the course, we have provided 2 very important things for you to download and use (see the resources attached in this lecture to download them):

  1. Course Guidebook - this will include all the sections of the course, the resources used, as well as code file reference so you know which code folders you can download if you get stuck/or you want to jump ahead.
  2. Course Code - this is a complete code file that once you unzip, you will get access to the code for the entire course. All of the projects are in here and each of the file names correspond to the sections/naming you will see in the Course Guidebook above.

Many people have requested this to make things easier for you as you go through the course. Hope you find it useful and we recommend you keep these two things close to you as you go through each lecture. The recommended workflow is to watch the lecture and check the corresponding lecture for any code/resources in the Course Guidebook.

Let's get to learning!

Ps if the course gets updated, this package will also be updated so you can download it at any time knowing that this will contain the latest version of the course :)