Course Companion Book + Code + More

Course Companion Book

This course comes with a companion, online book version! You'll use this as a helpful guide throughout the course, so check it out at the below link and bookmark it!

Course Code + Slides + Resources

You can find all of the course code, projects, slides at the below GitHub repository. This will be a helpful resource as you go through the course, learn PyTorch, and build projects!

Questions and answers (Q&A)

If you have a question about any of the code or videos in the course, please feel free to post them in the course Discord.

Otherwise, you can search/post on the ZTM PyTorch course GitHub Discussions page:

You’ll find a bunch of questions/information already answered there!

You can see an example of how to ask a question here:

Issues with the course code

If you find any issues with the course code, please post an issue on the course GitHub issues: