Figma Resources For This Section

Starting with the next couple of videos, we will begin to use a valuable tool of a designer: Figma

For a few of you, this may be the first time you have heard of this tool so we have included some helpful guides to get your account setup (you will need to create a free account online for you to use it).

We know that getting started with a new tool can be tough but trust us, Figma is really user friendly. We have compiled some resources for you to get started using Figma today. We also included a couple of links that outline how you can access and duplicate Figma resources for this course that we provide for you.

How to use these resources:
You will need to Duplicate the file from the Editor when you are viewing that file by doing the following:

1. Click on an empty spot in the canvas or use the keyboard shortcut to deselect any layers.

2. Click file name and arrow to open the file menu.

3. Select Duplicate. If you only have view access to the file or project, you will see Duplicate to drafts here instead.

4. Figma will create a copy of the file based on your access and the original file's location.

Section Resource

Getting Started

Using the Figma Desktop App (although you can stick with the web version and use that as well)

Accessing and Duplicating the Course Figma Resources (how to make the files we give you into your own)