Course Projects + Code + Slides + Cheatsheet

Course Projects + Codes + Slides

You can find all of the course projects, code, slides at the repository below. You can use this as a guide as you go through the course, learn Go, and build projects!

Additionally, this course utilizes exercise files which are packaged in a zip file attached to this lecture. The zip file contains an "src" folder which can be used throughout the entire course and a "solutions" folder which contains solutions to all projects and exercises.

Also, the repository for the exercises can be cloned from GitHub here:

git clone

To view solutions using the cloned repo, check out the solutions branch using: `git checkout solutions`


To help you remember what you learn throughout the course, I have also created a ZTM Golang Cheat Sheet for you! Most of the topics on the sheet will seem overwhelming for you now, but don't worry, by the end of this course, you will be able to use this cheat sheet to refresh your memory and quickly remember things!