Exercise: Filtering and Sorting Data

“Remember, all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more." - Morpheus (The Matrix, 1999)

In the movie, Morpheus says this quote to Neo while teaching him how to filter and sort data in Excel. True story!

Here's your next exercise. This one should be a piece of cake for you but remember - practice, practice, practice!

Exercise: Filtering and Sorting Data

  1. Download and open the "Filtering and Sorting - Starter.xlsx" file below (at the bottom of this page).
  2. Apply filters to the dataset.
  3. Auto-fit column widths if needed.
  4. Filter the "Review Stars" column to only display reviews below 5 stars.
  5. Filter the "Purchase Date" column to only include purchases from August.
  6. Filter the "Product Name" column to only include products that contain the word "board".
  7. Sort the filtered dataset by "Purchase Date" (newest to oldest), THEN by "Review Stars" (lowest to highest).

Solution: Check your results against the "Filtering and Sorting - Exercise Solution.xlsx" file below. Is it the same? Yes? Great job! No? Hop over to the #excel channel in the ZTM Discord server and I'll help you figure out what went wrong.