How To Ask Questions

Asking questions is a very important skill for a developer. However, in your career you won't always have someone to give you all of the answers. Part of being a developer is getting really good at something we call problem solving. It is often the most overlooked skill to practice by a beginner. In this course, we want to work on the skills that matter, so moving forward, I have a request for you that will have long term positive effects on your career:

If you have a question or you don't understand something, do these things in order:

1. Try Rubber Ducking: (all great programmers I know do this)

2. Use google and websites like stackoverflow (there is a video coming up on this) to find your answer. Most likely somebody has had your issue before.

3. Reach out to our community on Discord (Invite link in lecture 2) where we have lots of smart developers who are there to help you. Learn to communicate and ask questions with fellow developers. 

Still don't have the answer? Go back through step 1~3 and see if you missed something.

4. If all else fails, look to see if others have posted similar questions in the QA. But keep in mind: Asking questions on Discord online community will allow your question to be seen by more people, and you can receive the fastest reply here. It also is better for back and forth dialog to debug code when something isn't working.

Enough break. Let's get back to some coding!